Monday, August 23, 2010

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Tonight instead of going to the gym I indulged my sweet cravings by making Cinnamon Coffee Cake with a recipe courtesy of The Joy of Vegan Baking.  My daughter arrived home from the park with her dad, took a bite and asked me what the cake was called.  When I told her she said "I want to rename this Cinnamon Brown Yummy!"  She especially enjoyed the topping calling it "very rough and very good."   I actually wasn't expecting this to be such a hit because it's not very sweet.  I'm very happy to be wrong in my predictions  The recipe called for chopped walnuts in the topping but I couldn't find any so I substituted chopped pecans.

Cinnamon Brown Yummy


  1. This sounds great! I miss coffee cake but usually can't handle the heaviness it leaves in my tummy and the sweetness can be overpowering sometimes. This sounds like a great alternative! I like your daughter's name for it :->

  2. Kathryn, this cake wasn't the least bit heavy and it definitely wasn't too sweet. There is another great looking coffee cake recipe with variations in Vegan Brunch that I'm dying to try.